Assalamualaikum ...

Hye ! 26.3.2012 .nice date , satu hari je dh bnyk bnd happen !

 Tarikh sy dpt taw pasal awk . D truth about you . Saya dah agak , but xberani nak tnye . Tkt awk sedeyh ! Saya xsuke awk sedeyh ..sgt! ta suke . So dunt ever cry without me .Let me lend my shoulder , lay here . No wondeer lha kan , it so ..sabar lha . Prob awk kan ,? Sy yg tacink lebeyh . Lost apttite when I got that news . *bodohnye sy! Mslh awk , sy plak yg tase beban .

dah ~ semua dah berakher .  i promised myself t0 find s0m1 better than y0u . im str0ng en0ugh lha ! .st0p make my heart  st0p beating. st0p waive me . st0p evthing !

 i t0ld u , im giving u up ..but , i cant !but ..t0nite , i cash my w0rd . lets end . saya teramat benci dkt awk !sumpah , t0l0ng jgn muncul lagy dpn sy~ y0u meant m0re t0 me ,than u will never kn0w .

*telling the truth and making someone cry is better than telling a lie to make pe0ple smile .
*what hurts d m0st , u r n0pe s0rry :) 
suddah habis mmbaca?suka?like je :D

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