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l0ng tyme n0 c rite?!..hehe..im h0me~xsempat na update..sakit aty nan lappy yg beng0m..hehe..beng0m2 p0m~yG neyh gk ka0 gune weyh..hihi!maap year!:) kelu!xtaw na ckp ape and na share ape..hehe..malu!haha...:(( y?..Huft!hate this feeling damn much!..hee~ haha..i g0t  1 mcj fr0m my fren..alya!aq dgr mu hangat BERCINTA??..ayat ta leyh blah bt0l!h.aha.hakhka..!sh0cked meyh!mane la buuduck t0h dpt bite neyh..haha..xderp angin xderp ribut aq kapel!agaga~~it is hard 4 me t0 d0 such a thing...i cant!..haha.. scared 2 face it again..scared if he leave me without a w0rds,scared if my heart br0ken back,scared if my tears fall 0n my cheek n0n st0p..yearh!im s0 scared 2 fall in lav 0r 2 lav y0u b0y!..hehe...
btw..!deeply in my heart i lav y0u..perhaps!..unsure!haha..
grrr..~~blur!xderp m0od na type mnde neyh....:(( i fell i wanna cry!can i?..yeah...damn it!...y2..i dun knoe and dun want knoe y!..

p/s: y0u teach me h0w t0 l0ve but n0t t0 st0p..

suddah habis mmbaca?suka?like je :D

0 p0st0 .p0st0 .:

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